When I am painted
in the colors of sadness
will you love me still?
You know, when it works, love is pretty amazing. It’s not overrated. There’s a reason for all those songs.
Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby (via simply-quotes)

(via simply-quotes)

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I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it. That’s what’s wrong with our generation: that residual punk rock guilt, like, “You’re not supposed to like that. That’s not fucking cool.” Don’t fucking think it’s not cool to like Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” It is cool to like Britney Spears’ “Toxic”! Why the fuck not? Fuck you! That’s who I am, goddamn it! That whole guilty pleasure thing is full of fucking shit.
Her eyebrows are perfection. Me wants them.

Her eyebrows are perfection. Me wants them.

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You’ll ache. And you’re going to love it. It will crush you. And you’re still going to love all of it. Doesn’t it sound lovely beyond belief?
Ernest Hemingway, The Garden Of Eden 
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I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds– but I think of you always in those intervals.
Salvador Plascencia (via candy1945)

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